The Creative Producer role we provide is very unique. Its a new term in the music industry and we believe its the best way to describe the various combined talents that Nick brings to a production or project. Its an evolution and stream-lining of a number of roles which have existed before but often these have worked independatly and as such the results have been detrimental to the overall production rather than complimentary.

When Nick and Illuminate are hired as Creative Producer we work very closely with the client right at the start of any project. We walk through the broad stroke creative idea’s working together to find out exactly whats needed and the budget available. We will put together the whole creative team, manage the process from concept to completion, put the correct vendors and production management in place and work closely with everyone at every step of the way.

Nick as Creative Producer is in a unique position that he totally understands and can control the creative, budget and technical side of any project. When all three are looked at as a whole with a single person guiding the creative the benefits to all three departments are immense. From experience he can make smart adaptations to the design and allocation of the budget that dont effect the overall concept but can save substantially. He will also take advatage of great relationships he has built that will give the project access to discounts that clients alone would not be offered.

In addition to controlling the budget we will ensure that show is built smartly. Monitoring the shows design elements such as reveiwing sizes and weights, tweaking footprints, maximising sellable seats, adding VIP experiances, stream-lining rigging so additonal pre-rigs are not required and generally ensuring minimum time and labour is needed at the venue.

In a single event this big picture approach pays off with an exceptional value for money design often looking far more expensive than it actually is. On a lengthy tour this smart design and hand in hand creative vs budget can put tens of millions of dollars back into the clients pockets. Nick has proved that this is an vital role in any new production, his clients have seen exceptional results achieving the creative they wanted for the budget they actually wanted to spend.